Borehole Pumps

W. Robinsons & Sons specializes in pump sales in East London. We offer a comprehensive range of pumps, including submersible pumps, sewage pumps, drainage pumps, centrifugal pumps, and borehole pumps. Borehole pumps are pumps designed to help to lift clear water from septic tanks, wells, collecting tanks, water courses, or Roman wells. Their main role is to deliver pressurized water in various domestic systems. How does a borehole pump work? in short, such a pump will extract fluid, i.e., water or oil, from a borehole that was expressly made.

Wide Range Of Borehole Pumps & Sizes

Since borehole pumps must fit a borehole, it is essential that you get the right pump for the right borehole. That is why, W. Robinsons & Sons offers borehole pumps in wide range of sizes so that you get the most accurately sized pump for the specific dimension of your borehole. It is essential that you keep as little clearance as possible around the pump. Therefore, we have a knowledgeable team of salespeople ready to help you with the correct information and advice so that you buy the right product.

The most common applications that borehole pumps are used for are irrigation, water supply, construction, mining, seawater lift, and emergency de-ballasting. While borehole pumps only transfer clear fluids, they are built to be corrosion-resistant simply because they soil where they are typically installed contains minerals that could potentially corrode the pumps. In addition, borehole pumps come with filters that do not allow particles to damage the pump. The design of borehole pumps is very efficient, which makes is sensitive to large particles. However, there are borehole pumps that can handle a content of 300g per cubic meter because their floating impeller design allows the passage of large sand content.

Borehole Pump Experts

As experts in pump sales, we understand the importance of quick delivery to get the job done efficiently. We, therefore, seek to ensure next day delivery of all our pumps, including borehole pumps. Also, our expert salespeople can help you make the right decision by sharing accurate information with you and offering you advice based on experience and trade-specific knowledge. We boast the largest pump stock in the UK as well as the widest range of products. We have been serving the East London and surrounding areas for over nine decades.

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