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W. Robinsons & Sons are the East London specialists in all matters concerning sewage pumps and their applications. We are experts at providing domestic, industrial, and commercial customers with efficient, innovative, and affordable effluent and sewage pump systems. Our company’s range of products allows you to find the best fit for your specific application, no matter how simple or complex. We have an advanced solution for any application. Therefore, at W. Robinsons & Sons, you can find a sewage pump that is effective for draining cellars and basements, for water treatment and sewage works, as well as for treating final effluent and nuisance water.

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Moreover, our sewage pumps are ideal for a variety of settings and industries, including construction, housing, agriculture, and food processing. As the name suggests, sewage pumps allow you to move large amounts of water from effluent and septic tanks and sewage to the designated treatment location. Sewage pumps are particularly effective when the water must be transferred over a long distance or to a higher elevation. In these situations, sewage pumps are indispensable as their efficiency is unmatched compared to gravity systems. The efficiency of sewage pumps in such applications comes from the pressure they can provide. Sewage pumps applications are found in industrial and domestic settings alike, with examples including factories, homes, treatment plants, or caravan sites to name a few.

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Sewage pumps are extraordinary pumps that must tackle viscous and abrasive fluids considering that wastewater is typically abundant with solids. Many times, sewage pumps are centrifugal grinder pumps or progressive cavity pumps that come with macerator or vortex impellers that grind down the solid parts before they pass the liquid waste through. The ability to tackle such liquid waste at high pressures makes sewage pumps extremely versatile and dependable.

A type of submersible pumps, sewage pumps have the motor and pump hermetically sealed. They are often placed on the bottom of the sump that collects the sewage. A floating bulb turn the pump on when the level of the sewage rises sufficiently to set off the power mechanism. The same bulb turns the pump off when the level of the sewage goes below the shut-off level. The members of our sales team are experts in all applications of sewage pumps and can help you identify the product that you need for your task.

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