Centrifugal Pumps

W. Robinsons & Sons offers a wide range of centrifugal pumps, from low to high flow rates, all at competitive prices. Used for general fluid transfer applications, centrifugal pumps make 85% of all pump production across the world. What is a centrifugal pump and what are the most common applications for such pumps? Centrifugal pumps are equipped with one rotating impeller (single stage pumps) or more rotating impellers (multi-stage pumps) that guide fluid to and from the impeller while increasing the flow rate and pressure as the it rotates.

Typically, centrifugal pumps are utilized to move liquids through a piping system as well as other lifting situations. Applications where centrifugal pumps are required include garden irrigation, water pressure boosting, water circulation, drawing water, air-conditioning units, firefighting sets, or cleaning sets. Centrifugal pumps are successful in a variety of industrial, commercial, agricultural, and domestic usages. They are versatile as far as flow rate, can suit various power supplies, and are ideal for applications where high pressure is required. We offer centrifugal pumps that can transfer clean liquids as well as centrifugal pumps that are specifically designed to transfer highly corrosive chemicals.

Low Maintenance Centrifugal Pumps

W. Robinsons & Sons seeks to offer models that are low-maintenance, quick to install, and easy to repair. The flow rate can be controlled by restricting the actual flow at the outlet using a valve or a nozzle. Although many centrifugal pumps can have the flow restricted at the outlet indefinitely, it is recommended that these pumps do not run dry. Also, centrifugal pumps are generally gravity fed. However, they can also be self-priming or be used with a priming chamber. The members of our sales team can help you opt for the right centrifugal pump for your specific application.

Our company is highly regarded as pump sale specialists able to offer you professional advice so that you make an informed decision about the product that you intend to buy. Working with our knowledgeable sales team will allow you to get the right fit for the job. Our support team will always be there to assist you after the sale. We embrace a customer centric approach to business where we feel that keeping our clients happy is at the core of our business.

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