Submersible Pumps

Submersible pumps are centrifugal pumps that you can operate when submerged underwater, hence the submersible in their name. Sump pumps, as they are commonly referred to, can be equipped with various types of impellers to handle solids and liquids of various viscosities and sizes. Quality submersible pumps can run unattended because they are equipped with a float switch that prevents the pumps from running dry. Furthermore, sump pumps are hermetically sealed so that all the electrical components inside the pump are fully protected, which allows them to operate underwater. W. Robinsons & Sons supplies submersible pumps that can tackle the hardest and toughest environments. Therefore, we put at your disposal a wide range of both electric and fuel-powered submersibles. Get in touch with our sales team to find out which type of submersible suits your job.

Our Range Of Submersible Pumps

Our range of submersible pumps can be successfully utilized in a full range of dirty and clean water applications. They are tested to offer reliable operation, be quiet and dependable while operating, and work smoothly underwater. We deliver industry-specific submersible pumps that range from small drainers for domestic applications to pumping stations. The variety of applications that our submersibles are suited for range from domestic and industrial irrigation and gardening to rainwater harvesting, pumping water out of boreholes and wells, or clearing hot wastewater from industrial dishwashers, laundries, or emergency overflow heating systems.

Quality Submersible Pumps

Our high-quality submersible pumps are user-friendly, quick and easy to set up. Only the latest technology has been used in the production process. Our products’ reliability and endurance ensure excellent results, making them the perfect choice for industrial, construction, or other requirements. W. Robinsons & Sons are the one-stop shop for all your submersible pumps needs. We feature submersibles that are suitable for commercial or domestic use. They are ideal to move water efficiently and quickly. They can do a variety of jobs, from pumping clean and/or dirty water to draining flood water, preventing the foundations of buildings from becoming submerged, to cleaning pools and ponds.

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